Thursday, 9 May 2013

Down the Rabbit Hole...

I realise I am not doing very well with this blogging thing. Seriously, just over three weeks since my last post, what am I doing? I sincerely apologise to the blogging gods. And to you of course.

Honestly, I do have valid reasons for being so rubbish. 
You don't realise until you get there that your final year of university is basically a bubble of work, food and sleep, and nothing else really exists outside of this bubble. 
But everything is (nearly) ok again, as I have handed in my dissertation, and am no longer committed to such a huge piece of coursework. (Read this as 'I have a life again!')
But then I remind myself that all I have left of my degree is four final exams, and then I'm finished with my education. And then I get a bit upset, because this part of my life is coming to a close.
Time flies by...

So now that my schedule is a bit more empty, I'm able to leave the house again, and treat myself to shopping trips. My housemate and I have found a new love for visiting tea rooms, and we
decided to go and visit our favourite place here in Nottingham:

Originally they started off with one tea room, a small, old fashioned place, full of charm and beautiful vintage accessories. And let's not forget the little old ladies sipping at their cups of tea. As soon as I saw the place, I just fell in love, it was beautiful. 

However, they recently opened a second one, which I knew I had to visit. 
And if it's possible, I love it even more than the first.
It's a more modern version of the original, but still has the vintage accessories, and the same colour scheme. And the same rabbit salt and pepper pots (seriously, they are just adorable). And because it's down an alleyway, it's a lot more quieter, giving it a more calming atmosphere.

And then there's the food. Every time I go, I keep wanting to try something different, but I always end up ordering the same scones with jam and cream, with a pot of tea. Because their scones are delicious. Served slightly warm, with clotted cream and jam, and they just melt in the mouth. Honestly, they are close to perfection for me.

If you are ever in Nottingham, try to visit either of these teahouses, and you will not be disappointed :)
I almost don't want to graduate just so I don't have to leave Nottingham, and this little tea house. 
What am I going to do without it?

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