Monday, 27 May 2013

I'm Loving... Skirts

I'm in the middle of my exam period at the moment, which, believe it or not, has been more stressful than when I was writing my dissertation a month ago. Wait a minute, has it really been a month?!
My life has become this crazy, hectic whirlwind of revision notes, coffee, Disney songs, and staring at the computer screen all day. Result: I'm constantly tired and grouchy.

Starting last Wednesday, I had three exams over a period of four days, and they were the worst four days of my life. I have never tried to cram so much work into my brain before! Thankfully, I only have one more exam this Thursday, and then I'm heading home for a week of relaxation with the family and the dogs. I keep having these mixed feelings of excitement that I'm going home in a few days; and panic, because I still have a lot of work to do.

So during my revision breaks, I have been either looking at funny pictures of cats (seriously, I need to get a life), or browsing websites, looking at clothes. And because it's summer, and all I want to do is sit outside, I've been looking at skirts. Although leggings are very comfortable for working, they're not exactly summer clothes, are they?
 1. Floral Print Skater Skirt 2. Totem Embroidered Skater Skirt 
3. Parisian Floral Pleated Skirt 4. Kissing Giraffe Pleated Skirt

Seriosuly, I want that giraffe skirt. In fact, I think I need it. Just like it needs me.
So yeah, I'm off to buy that right now :)

Hope you're all enjoying the lovely weather, while I'm stuck inside, looking out at the lovely weather ;)

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